Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Eclectic Posting

I was advised by a close family member that I should remove the boring posts about miles etc. and I thought at the time that a mix of stuff might keep the blog more interesting. So now I was becoming doubtful of my approach until I got an unsolicited message from a fellow UNB Engineering Graduate, who wrote me:

Pieter, good luck on your sailing trip. Read your blog, definitely written by someone interested in surveying history, nice to read. I ran into.  .  . 
Ha! Maybe I'll give a short history of the metre now.  Courage, courage I need courage.

I had to reply:

I am glad you like the bit about surveying history. I do find it truly fascinating, but alas . . . . thinks this stuff doesn't belong on the blog if I want to keep people interested. I thought that maybe by keeping the posts somewhat eclectic it might be interesting to a more varied crowd.

And then he replied:

Eclectic works for me, but I am an engineer as well so maybe I don't count :-).
Beware or stay tuned for a short history of the metre.

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