Monday, May 3, 2010

Rock and Roll

Left Halifax in a light breeze and slight overcast. Once we cleared land the swells were quite modest at first at about half a metre high. Unfortunately my bravado over sea sickness was soon deflated. I started having sweats and cold hands and feet. We got pretty much clear of land, and eventually met the Canadian Coast Guard vessel William Alexander out quite a ways. At first its profile looked like a battle ship in the distance.

At this point I thought I should lay down for a snooze to see if this wooziness would dissipate. I shared the aft bunk with Peter, and Wayne slept in the forward bunk. The wind was extremely variable from the south west at this point. This is not a bad direction for us although a north wester would have been faster. Capt decided to alternate between sailing and motoring depending on the weather. We'd motor when we had insufficient wind.

I ended up sleeping pretty much all day and from time to time came up to check in and to see how things were going whenever I could. Seas were starting to get rougher. I never thought that I could sleep so much.

By now the only two comfortable places for me were above deck looking at the horizon or laying down in the bunk. We had KD (Kraft Dinner) and tea for lunch. Unfortunately a couple of hours later that was all gone over the side, there goes lunch.

Needless to say I skipped supper.  Seas were getting quite rough now. So back to the bunk I went.

We made pretty good progress along the coast. We sailed along the shore about 15 nautical miles out which is far enough that you can't see land. We figured that by next day noonish we would be entering the Canso Canal.

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