Monday, May 31, 2010

The JAFTICA Chronicles

The Captain and crews of the Sailing Vessel JAFTICA would be pleased to have you join us at the Clocktower Pub, 422 Mackay Street, on Friday, June 4th at 1830 hours. There will be plenty of salty stories to pass around - including the one that appeared in the Halifax Chronicle Herald.
Look forward to seeing you there.
The Capt'n.


  1. Chronicle Herald Story is no longer available. This was cached on my computer:
    Assistance at sea

    Sun. May 30 - 4:53 AM

    We wish to express our profound gratitude to the crew of the Canadian Coast Guard Cutter Bickerton and Halifax Radio for their service on the morning of May 4. We were sailing out of Halifax destined for Ballantynes Cove via the Strait of Canso. We had been sailing all day and night and estimated our position to be about four hours away from the Strait, though still about 15 nautical miles (28 km) from shore. The seas were quite rough all night, although sailing was still manageable; with daylight, however, the winds became very strong and the seas very rough.

    The skipper decided to expedite our exit from these turbulent conditions by adding motor power, when we ran into serious difficulties. The motor cut out and then the rudder became jammed, both typical of fouling by a rope. The skipper radioed the Coast Guard Maritime Communications and Traffic Centre — Halifax Radio for assistance. Before long, the Bickerton arrived. With both vessels bobbing around in these crazy conditions, the Bickerton crew threw us a line and towed our 14-ton sailboat to New Harbour.

    We both worked for many years for the Coast Guard in Ottawa; yet at no time during that career did we ever so fully appreciate the agency’s services as now. Many thanks to the Bickerton crew, the radio operators, and all the folks at the Coast Guard. It is a team effort. We know.

    Peter Dalton, Ottawa,

    and Pieter Leenhouts, Kars, Ont.