Sunday, May 16, 2010

Back to Ballantynes Cove

This photo was taken of the sunrise as we sailed out of Pictou Harbour heading for Ballantynes Cove.

We started out on this voyage as keen, optimistic and invincible-minded baby boomers. We both concluded at this point that if we were not a 50-something and a 60-something but rather two 30-somethings that we would likely have made less comfortable though more ambitious decisions resulting in different circumstances.

At this stage we hit the tipping point however. It was now too tight a time frame to make it to Caraquet. We estimated that it would take 8 days under normal circumstances which left us very little leeway. After some serious reckoning Saturday morning, we sailed back to beautiful Ballantynes Cove. We learnt unquestionably that schedules and sailing don't mix well.

The Captain's plans are now to tie up at Ballantynes Cove in preparation for the next chapter of the story of JAFTICA. Captain and I both have family matters to attend to that take us away from our adventure, and thus are required to take leave for now.

Captain Peter, ever the keen sailor, is continuing his summer adventures with JAFTICA, and extends an invitation to anyone that would like to share his future sailing experiences. If you are interested and would like to join him in his adventures email him at It is certain that the weather will be better after June, besides the lobster pot marker buoys will be gone and it will be much nicer sailing then.

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