Saturday, May 8, 2010

A day in the harbour at Ballantyne's Cove

At about 5 am or earlier we could hear the lobster fishers board their boats and head out to their fishing grounds. As soon as they left all was quiet again and it offered a rare opportunity to sleep in until about 7 am. We breakfasted on fair trade coffee, multi-grain toast and Carol's homemade blueberry jam, and meusli cereal. Its all fine and good.
Wayne and Carol very kindly lent us their van today so Capt'n Peter and first mate Pieter headed into Antigonish to get parts for the boat. We were due for an oil and filter change, needed some gaskets for one of the hatches which took in water when the bow was awash. That was repaired.

This afternoon a crane was engaged in the harbour to put 6 sailboats into the water. This was an opportunity to fix the rigging on the JAFTICA. After all boats were in the water, Peter was lifted by the crane up to the top of the mast in a basket that let him access the mast top. All was fixed. We are now ready to sail again.
The weather forecast for tomorrow does not prove too encouraging though. We will be tuned to the marine radio forecasts tomorrow morning.

Tom Hanway with the Ballantyne's Cove Harbour Authority has very kindly let me use his computer at his home to access internet and make this update.

In this photo Wayne is working on the engine.

We hope to head up toward Charlottetown or Shediac tomorrow.

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  1. Peter & Pieter - I hope you have better luck in the next few weeks. I shall be watching for new posts on the blog. See you on your return. Peter - just for info I received a call from a gentleman currently on the hard at the Dartmouth Yacht Club and looking for a place this summer. What's unique?? well, he's another steel hull looking to lay up here slightly smaller - around 30'. We never did get our lobster boil - maybe later. Regards - Tom VVV