Thursday, May 6, 2010

Great Day Today.

After doing a few errands, in Stellarton I picked up some food to replenish our stores. Wayne Druhan, and his wife Carol were most kind in first letting me enjoy a night's sleep in their guest bedroom, offering breakfast and then driving me to a few stores and then driving me back to New Harbour that evening.

Wayne at this point decided to leave Peter and I and return to his lovely wife whom he has been away from for already a week. Wife Carol or two crazy sailors, one a land lubber come wannabee sailor. What was so hard about that choice?

The seasickness patch worked like an absolute charm. One was only a little disoriented at times but otherwise fine.

This morning we got a very good early start out of New Harbour. It was a beautiful morning with a very light breeze. We basically jumped out of our sleeping bags, dressed and untied and were off at 5 am.

We motored for the day and got as far as Port Hawkesbury. The weather behaved very well until around suppertime. We decided to tie up for the evening, walked into town for Chinese Food Buffet (lol eh? Carroll) and stopped in at the local library to take advantage of the computers.

We will now walk back to the boat for a good night's rest.

The captain tells me that We had to motor and sail with the jib because the topping lift let go and that put too much weight on the jack stays. Hence the starboard jack let go and dropped the mainsail boom onto the solar panel which broke. Capt'n managed to repair the jack stay, the rest will be repaired the moment we get a chance, which will likely be in Ballantynes Cove. We will need to reach the top of the mast for the next repair.


  1. have you got an ETA for Ballantyne's - Tom H

  2. I can't believe you ate Chinese Buffet! lol